Like many guys born in my time, I came of age in the early 70s. It was a time of change, wild freedoms and explorations. Into that amazing mixture came Sports Review Wrestling magazine. Already established as a regular periodical of professional wrestling, they tried an experiment and added occassional features of beautiful women wrestling in apartment settings.

It was very successful for a number of reasons. First there were the women - some incredibly beautiful and clad in either skimpy bikinis or lingerie. Then the stories themselves - breathless, melodramatic accounts of impossible situations in cities many of us had only dreamed of. And of course the language - it was the first time in my life I had heard the word "lithe". How fun!

The series of stories went from occassional to monthly, even making appearances in the magazine's yearly annuals. They spawned a four issue trial of mail-order-only magazines called Battling Girls. These issues contained the nudity frequently mentioned, but never seen, in the over-the-counter magazine. While the issues quickly sold out, they were not as successful as the publishers had hoped.

In 1983, after a ten year run, Sports Review Wrestling magazine abandoned apartment house wrestling. Those of us die-hard fans were disappointed beyond words. And for years, we have searched high and low for more from this wonderful genre.

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